The Church Of Scientology And Dyslexia

John Travolta, Tom Cruise and fully completely different Hollywood celebrities have attributed the Church of Scientology with correcting their dyslexia studying factors. How did the church do it? I’m not nor have I ever been a member of the Church of Scientology. I’ve examine excerpts of L. Ron Hubbard’s books and fully completely different Church of Scientology functions, nonetheless that doesn’t make me an authority on the church. In at present’s society, the Church of Scientology appears to be frowned upon by most theologians and teachers. So why are Cruise, Travolta and others adamant regarding the church’s successes with dyslexia and their strategies of “therapeutic”? The Church of Scientology is also very secretive, nonetheless future writers have to take care of what, when, the place, and the easiest way this was completed with not solely the Hollywood stars, nevertheless in addition to fully completely different church members. Roughly 10 years beforehand I did some digging and this is what I found:

It was not a religious transformation that occurred inside Cruise, Travolta and others. They merely passed by an intensive tutorial evaluation program known as the Nice Literacy Course. Personally, this 3-D program/multi-sensory course was the pioneer in correcting studying and writing disabilities. In precise reality, many an instructional and studying incapacity expert would disagree with me.

The Nice Literacy Course was the primary studying incapacity program to zero-in on and proper studying incapacity indicators. When studying aloud, if the reader hesitated, inserted a phrase, omitted a phrase, modified a phrase, or skipped a line, she or he was to then maintain the exact phrase that launched regarding the confusion and undesirable stimuli and analysis three main elements of the phrase: what it appears to be like as if, what it appears to be like as if, and what it means. The first 3-D medium that the Nice Literacy Course used to resolve undesirable confusion was sculpture’s clay. So, there’s nothing mystical about therapeutic dyslexia. It was a easy and first instructional course that was used to remediate studying incapacity indicators related to phrases and symbols all through the English language.

The Nice Literacy Course has been up to date and adjusted quite a few conditions all through the closing 20 years. What’s obtainable at present is a watered-down model of that course. Instead of pursuing the Church of Scientology and making an attempt to trace down the distinctive model of this course, I’d counsel that one pursue a 3-D program whose firstly precedence is to know summary phrases and symbols. That is the mandatory issue to eradicating over 90% of the educational incapacity indicators related to dyslexia or any 3-D learner elements.

Source by Jason Fairview

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