The Best and the Worst Language Dictionaries – for Turkish-English

An area Turkish-language site on-line purchaser, discovering out English as a worldwide language in the UK, wrote us a while as quickly as further asking advice about which dictionary he should make use of whereas discovering out for his English-language proficiency examination. He indicated his private want for the Redhouse Dictionaries — the Büyüokay El Sözlüğü significantly. Nonetheless then, to our shock, he instructed us that his foreign-language examiner thought the Redhouse Dictionaries too Americanized.

That rang my bell, and I replied…


I’m sorry, nonetheless your foreign-language examiner is mistaken. The Redhouse Dictionaries exit of there technique to embrace current British language utilization. I quote, “The dictionary displays the American viewpoint of its editors; nonetheless British usages in vocabulary, meanings, spelling and pronunciation have typically been well-known.”

And anyway, the Redhouse Dictionaries are by far the very best of the entire accessible ones all through the market. I significantly advocate the large 2-volume set, merely titled Redhouse Sözlüğü. It’s the following step up from the Büyüokay El Sözlüğü. Uncover additional ingredient regarding the 2-volume set on our ‘Best Books for Turkish’ page.

Nothing else even comes shut to the Redhouse Dictionaries. My Redhouse Dictionary CD Model is so useful that I depart it in thought-about truly one amongst my computer’s CD-bays steadily.

Our pal John Ma, who obtained his Historic Civilizations Doctorate from Oxford School, outlined it pretty appropriately when he acknowledged, “I’d love the world-famous Oxford School Library had additional copies of the Redhouse Dictionaries. The students are regularly using them. And the Oxford Turkish-English-Turkish Dictionary merely gathers mud.”

Nonetheless I am going to go a bit further than John…

The first Turkish-English-Turkish dictionary I ever owned was the “Concise Oxford Turkish-English Dictionary” by A.D. Alderson and Fahir Iz, revealed 1959 and reprinted numerous circumstances up by 1985. And, I cannot ponder a worse worldwide language dictionary.

I tried using it for years as I struggled unsuccessfully to get a handle on the Turkish-language. (I bought my first copy of the Oxford Dictionary for my work-area in Ankara in 1976 and my second copy for my bedside in 1987 — moreover in Ankara.) And, aside from my with the flexibleness to categorical and understand the standard ‘services’, I was completely befuddled by Turkish-language all by your entire time.

I solely began to efficiently understand and use Turkish-language after I dropped the Oxford Dictionary and commenced using the fairly a number of editions of the Redhouse, the Langenscheidt, and chosen local-specialty dictionaries — an equivalent to the Enterprise and Technical Dictionaries revealed by FONO. So I’m afraid I disagree alongside alongside collectively together with your foreign-language examiner. Deeply.

Nonetheless, the most important Langenscheidt Dictionary is a passable second different if your foreign-language examiner won’t mean you can use the Redhouse Dictionaries. Nonetheless, the Langenscheidt Dictionary is curiously weak in areas. And as in distinction with the large 2-volume Redhouse Dictionary Set (which has 160,000 entries in each e-book), the Langenscheidt Dictionary is small (with solely 80,000 entries full).

Nontheless… irrespective of you do, avoid the above-mentionedConcise Oxford Turkish Language Dictionary“. It’s horrible.

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Source by Jim Masters

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