Masonic Gifts and The Hidden Mysteries of Freemasonry

“Data of the mysteries of the dominion of God

has been granted to you; nonetheless to the remaining they’re made acknowledged by means of parables…”

Luke 8:10

In every of the three ranges of Blue Lodge Masonry the candidate acknowledges his obligation to not reveal the style and methodology utilized by Masons to impart information of the hidden mysteries of Freemasonry to anybody who just isn’t entitled to amass them.

All by historic earlier that “Masonic obligation” has been the supply of scathing accusations hurled on the fraternity that it’s a harmful secret society, or contained in the quite a few, that it has heretical secrets and techniques and methods and strategies acknowledged solely to its members. These accusations have resulted in makes an strive by non-Masons to marginalize the Craft and attribute devil-worship to its followers.

So-called holy males and kings have even been prompted to hunt out, burn, torture and kill Freemasons. Nevertheless, if the world had acknowledged then what’s believed immediately – that Freemasonry conceals nothing that’s not wholly accessible to each man, woman and baby – probably such ruthlessness wouldn’t have occurred.

Within the midst of the journey within the course of discovering the masonic presents of hidden mysteries valued by Freemasons, one inevitably encounters that mystical sect sometimes referred to as the Essenes. On account of the invention of the Lifeless Sea Scrolls in 1947, although a lot of that information has not nonetheless been made publicly accessible, quite a few provides about this sect is now inside the general public house. For instance, we now perceive that the Essenes had been of the eclectic sect of philosophers and held Plato inside the best esteem. They believed that true philosophy, the proper reward of God to man, was scattered all by all sects and that it was man’s obligation to assemble it collectively and current it because of the unified phrase of the Almighty.

The writings of the Essenes had been laced with mysticism, parables, enigmas and complex allegories. They studied each the esoteric and exoteric meanings of the Holy Writings, which they discovered contained in the Outdated Testomony simply because the Gnostics discovered contained in the New Testomony. Christian writers, together with allegedly Jesus himself, acknowledged that each one scripture had an inside which means, together with an outer actuality.

The passage of scripture taken from the Gospel of Luke on the highest of this textual content material makes it abundantly clear that most people teachings attributed to Jesus had been absolutely utterly completely different from the non-public teachings he imparted to his inside circle of Apostles. Even inside that inside circle, it’s reputed that some acquired a lightweight not in one other case given to utterly completely different Apostles. That gentle represents what the world now refers to because of the hidden mysteries, due to it is not freely meted out to these contained in the outer circle; these which could be left to decipher the dominion of God for themselves from the loads of allegories, tales and parables set forth contained in the Holy Writings.

In some psychological circles, together with in optimistic Masonic literature, it’s insinuated that Jesus was killed due to he improperly divulged the hidden mysteries which he had vowed to cowl and positively not reveal. Beneath that notion, he was not killed merely due to he challenged Roman rule, or the spiritual dogma taught by the Pharisees. Consequently, the query is usually requested: did Jesus observe Freemasonry? The reply relies upon upon upon one’s non-public evaluation of the accessible exhausting proof.

Jesus did take part contained in the baptism of Saint John the Baptist, who’s regarded by Masons as a patron of the fraternity. Whereas he often criticized the Pharisees and Sadducees, Jesus actually not as shortly as talked regarding the Essenes, whose doctrines bear a placing resemblance to Jesus’ teachings, together with to the teachings of Freemasonry. It is usually asserted that on the time of his arrest Jesus was then contained in the technique of conferring a Masonic diploma upon a candidate. “Now a youthful man adopted him and fled sporting nothing nonetheless a linen supplies about his physique.” Mark 14:50-51.

That specific individual passage wouldn’t seem in any of the opposite three accepted gospels and no additional rationalization has been added wherever contained in the Holy Writings to assist us perceive exactly what was occurring between Jesus and the nameless youthful man at this essential stage in Jesus’ life. Maybe Freemasons discern a similarity to a side of Masonic ritual, probably not. To know the character of the hidden mysteries, it is not mandatory that the query be answered a method, or the opposite.

Writers who’ve woven Masonic themes into literary works of fiction and non-fiction, whereas probably legitimately speculating upon issues with public curiosity resembling whether or not or not or not or not Jesus married Mary of Magdalene ( Masonic Presents: Dan Brown, The Davinci Code), or that the distinctive Knights Templar found the Holy Grail, have contributed to most people fascination with the prospect that Freemasonry continues to cowl one issue that’s terribly useful to all mankind. Positively, one issue good and superb is hid, or hidden by Freemasons, nonetheless it has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus, Mary of Magdalene, or the Holy Grail. And although that “one issue” is and regularly will maintain hidden, it’s equally accessible to non-Masons. Anybody who takes the time to journey down the correct path will uncover what’s hidden with out the necessity for any Mason to violate his obligation.

The varieties and ceremonies utilized by the Essenes had been symbolical, merely as they’re immediately in Freemasonry. Based on Philo, that they’d 4 ranges; had been Jews by start; and held a much bigger affection for one another than was true of members of 1 different sect. Prior to there was a Christian faith, they fulfilled the Christian regulation, “Love each other.” They despised riches and made optimistic that no single member had extra provides devices than one different member, all of which had been held in frequent. Their piety within the course of the one residing God was with out think about, which they ritualized in mysterious ceremonies and initiations about which little or no is believed. Nonetheless, like Freemasonry, it was all by way of the symbolism of these ceremonies that the hidden mysteries may presumably be revealed.

This terribly correctly disciplined and really organized sect didn’t merely seem on the scene at regarding the time Saint John the Baptist preached than did Freemasonry erupt in 1717 with a very mechanized ritual. Passages from the Lifeless Sea Scrolls reveal that members of the sect wrote regarding the Pharaoh Akhenaton and monotheism and fairly seemingly practiced varieties and ceremonies associated to the one residing God at a time heaps forward of even the patriarch Jacob. Fully completely different passages clarify the truth that the hidden mysteries may solely be accessed by means of express use of optimistic arts, parts and parts just like what has been described of the ceremonial practices of the magical Excessive Priest and King of Salem, Melchizadek. Owing to the connection of Saint John the Baptist as a patron of Freemasonry, it’s honest to conclude that the Craft bears on the very least a sturdy an affinity to the Essenes.

When the connection of the Essenes to Freemasonry is so understood, furthermore it is easier to know why the style, sequence and methodology of Masonic ritual is just outlined to those that are initiated into the fraternity. In quite a few phrases, whereas the hidden mysteries usually often should not held non-public, the style Masons make use of to know and examine them is one issue which is able to solely be discovered by a member of the Craft. However what are these hidden mysteries? Why should any man, woman, or baby care to know and perceive them? Among the many greatest strategies to reply each of these questions is to start with a proof of what it takes for any express specific individual to utterly comprehend the Mysteries.

It’s not ample for an individual to easily develop to be God-intoxicated. So long as the concepts stays disorderly, ignorant and ill-disciplined, any effort to know the hidden mysteries is maybe in ineffective. Due to the need for the next stage of consciousness to allow a extra delicate synthesis of all God has made accessible for man to look at, Freemasonry has adopted the system of Pythagoras, whom Masonic writers have described as having himself been a Mason. Beneath that system grammar, rhetoric and logic are taught to domesticate and enhance the concepts. Arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy are furthermore inculcated and a system of symbols is derived therefrom. This define for the cultivation of psychological notion should be strictly adopted.

Nonetheless, the cultivation of psychological notion just isn’t ample. There stays a step to be taken all by way of which the cautionary scripture story regarding the Tower of Babel should be saved in concepts. Man builds his psychological powers by the fingers of human workmen till he reaches the perfect story of that tower. Correct proper right here, communion with the Supreme Architect of the Universe takes over, for no man can peer behind the veil concealing the hidden mysteries until permitted to take movement by God. Thus the steps for any express specific individual to take embrace educating the concepts about all that God has created after which clearing the concepts for direct directions from the Deity by means of meditative prayer, versus petitioning prayer.

Ask, and it shall be given you; search, and likewise you uncover; knock, and the door to all understanding of the hidden mysteries is maybe opened for you. You merely should perceive how one can ask, the place to hunt and the style all through which you is maybe anticipated to knock.

Source by John R. Heisner

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