How to Improve Your Vocabulary With Greek and Latin Word Parts

Memorizing the definitions of the most common Greek and Latin prefixes, roots, and suffixes will exponentially enhance your studying vocabulary. Tutorial studying, notably all through the social sciences and pure sciences are filled with phrases with Greek and Latin phrase components. The verbal part of the SAT I is particularly comprised of educational phrases having these phrase components. Realizing even one phrase a part of an unknown phrase drastically enhances the reader’s potential to precisely and successfully use surrounding context clues to hunt out out the meanings of those phrases. Furthermore, chances are high you may improve your spoken and written proficiency through the use of Greek and Latin prefixes, roots, and suffixes. Nonetheless, open air of turning into fluent in Greek and Latin, which Greek and Latin phrase components have the suitable frequency?

Most Often-Used Prefixes

This itemizing, compiled by White, Sowell, and Yanagihara (The Discovering out Coach, 42, p. 306), has the twenty most frequently-used prefixes. Really these largely Greek and Latin prefixes make up 97% of all prefixed phrases. Prefixes listed are in frequency order.

1. un-not

2. re-again

3. in, im, il, ir-not

4. dis-away from

5. en, em-in

6. non-not

7. in, im-in

8. over-above

9. mis-not

10. sub-under

11. pre-before

12. inter-between

13. fore-in entrance from

15. trans-across

16. super-above

17. semi-half

18. anti -against

19. mid-middle

20. under-too little

Often-Used Greek and Latin Roots

Following are the roots, meanings, origins, and event phrases. The roots isn’t going to be so as of frequency.

1. struct-build,form-Latin-instruct

2. aud-hear-Latin-auditorium

3. mis-send-Latin-mission

4. astro-star-Greek-astrology

5. ped-foot-Latin-pedal

6. bio-life-Greek-biology

7. phon-sound-Greek-telephone

8. dict-say-Latin-predict

9. port-carry-Latin-import

10. geo-earth-Greek-geography

11. scrib-write-Latin-scribble

12. meter-measure-Greek-thermometer

13. scrip-write-Latin-scripture

14. min-little-small-Latin-minimum

15. spect-see-Latin-inspect

16. mit-send-Latin-transmit

Tailored from Stahl, S.A. and Shiel, T.G., Discovering out and Writing Quarterly: Overcoming Discovering out Disabilities, 8, 223-241

Fifteen Energy Greek and Latin Phrases

These fifteen phrases have prefixes or roots which might be a part of over 15,000 phrases. That’s as many phrases as most scholar dictionaries! Memorize these phrases and the meanings of their prefixes and roots and you’ve got considerably improved your vocabulary.

1. inaudible (not, hear)

2. dismiss (away from, ship)

3. transport (all by way of, carry)

4. unsubscribe (not, beneath, write)

5. predict (sooner than, say)

6. remit (as quickly as additional, ship)

7. encounter (in, in opposition to)

8. current (in opposition to, carry)

9. check out (in, see)

10. epilogue (upon, phrase)

11. antigen (in opposition to, of us)

12. empathy (in, feeling)

13. intermediate (between, center)

14. destruction (other than, assemble)

15. superimpose (over, in, put)

Tailored from Mark Pennington’s, Instructing Spelling and Vocabulary, ©Pennington Publishing

Source by Mark Pennington

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